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Front Porch
Freedom Mortgage's Homeowners Blog

Front Porch
Freedom Mortgage's Homeowners Blog

Easy and Budget-Friendly Bathroom Upgrades

Great DIY projects for every homeowner

Asian family outdoors
Basic Lawn and Landscape Care Guide

Learn what it takes to maintain a beautiful yard

Asian family outdoors
Tips for New Homeowners

Advice for before and after you move in

Asian family outdoors
Tips About How to Organize Your Home

Organizing a home takes time and effort, here are simple steps to get you started

Asian family outdoors
Ideas for Resetting Your Home Each Week

Ways to manage your to-do list

Asian family outdoors
Sensible Spring-Cleaning Tips for the Whole Family

Find ways to make your home more cheery, healthy, and tidy.

African-American couple looking over documents in dining room
Winterization Tips Around the House

We have ways you can stay comfortable and save money.

a group of three people walking in a park.
How to Make Your Home Pet Friendly

Advice for living with furry, feathered, finned, or scaled friends

woman using a laptop sitting next to a dog
9 Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Small and big ways to save energy within your home

Smiling Hispanic couple sitting on porch outdoors
Family-Friendly Summer Activities

Spend time in the Sun with the Whole Family

Asian family outdoors
How to Help Create a Positive Moving Experience for Kids

From Planning to Packing to Unpacking

Couple indoors with dog
How to Enjoy a Romantic Evening at Home, Anytime

Simple and budget-friendly ideas for celebrating with someone you love

Couple indoors with dog
Make Your Home Cozy for Holiday Company

Our top tips for sprucing up your space this season.

How to Brighten Your Home

Find new ways to make your home feel brighter during any season

Couple signing documents with agent
Fall Activities to Do at Home

The leaves are changing colors, so it’s time to break out the pumpkin spice!

African-American veteran on porch with daughter
6 Festive Fall Decorating Tips

Get into the spirit of the season with these decorating ideas.

Smiling Hispanic couple sitting on porch outdoors
Tips for Hosting Festive Holiday Dinners

How to impress your guests without too much effort or expense.

National Smart Home Day

Make your home work smarter, not harder!

End-of-summer Party Ideas

Plan a summer sendoff with these fun themes, games, and food.

Couple looking over bills and laptop in dining room
Stay Cool and Save Cash with These Summer Tips!

Stay cool and save energy with these easy, practical ideas.

Man looking at laptop and checklist
Eco-friendly Holiday Decorations and Gift Ideas

Here are some “green” décor ideas for all the upcoming holidays you may celebrate.

African-American veteran on porch with daughter
Ways to Cool Off This Summer

Find new ways to enjoy your time outside this summer.

Family playing on floor indoors
A New Flip on Summer Backyard Cookouts

It's time to grab the tongs, knot your apron, and stoke the fire: cookout season is here.

Family touring home with real estate agent
8 Great Outdoor Projects for Spring

Spring is the perfect time to start a yard project.

mature couple moving boxes.
DIY Home Projects: What to Tackle, What to Avoid

Take a closer at your living space to see about making improvements.

Couple doing bills in home
8 Memorial Day BBQ and Backyard Fun Ideas

Make the most of the unofficial start of summer with fun activities and yummy food

Asian couple looking at documents with laptop
Vegetable Gardening: Tips for Beginners

Part of the appeal of being a homeowner is the outdoor living space you can now enjoy.

Couple signing documents in agents office
New Year’s Resolutions for the Home

Prioritize your living space in the New Year!

couple signs documents with real estate agents.
10 Easy Ways to Make Your Home More Safe

You don't need to expensive systems to make your home more safe.

African-American couple meets with broker in home
Essential Tools for New Homeowners

What do you need in your toolbox?

Couple installing lights in their home.
Outdoor Home Renovations for Warm Weather

Expand Your Living Space, Enhance Your Home’s Appearance, and Have More Fun.

Asian family outdoors
9 Great Home Remodeling Ideas

Projects that can increase your home’s value

Asian family outdoors
How to Boost Curb Appeal

Improve your home’s outdoor appearance

African-American veteran on porch with daughter
How to Select Paint Colors

Painting your walls can bring new life into your home. Check out our tips.

African-American veteran on porch with daughter
Play Our Renovations Madness Game

Which home improvements are the best investment?

Outdoor DIY Ideas for Summer

Enjoy the outdoors this summer with these DIY projects.

person reviewing documents to sign at a desk
7 Spring Home Renovation Projects

Spring is a great time to get started on new home renovations.

10 Ways to Freshen Up Your Home

Check out our 10 easy tips for freshening up your home in the New Year!